Gatha Apparels - Style and Design - Expert FAQ
What occassions are Sherwani most suited for ?
A Sherwani , has been the choice of the aristocrats in the Indian region. It can be worn on ocassions to show great status and wealth. Mostly on Wedding and similar ocassions , by the Groom or close family and friends.
What Fabrics does Gatha use ?
The choice of fabrics is based on our objective to create the finest pieces of apparel that our craftsmen can. As lots of additional hand work is done on each piece of cloth the final product is complete with richness and splendour.
Where can I find apparel as seen in Indian Cinema ?
We have provided fashion courtsey to a good number of projects. You our sure to find fresh designs at our retail outlets across India or at our online store.
Can you suggest something specific to choose ?
There is a huge bouquet of designs to choose from , at our online store. We give utmost importance to our Clients and customers. You can always reach out to our customer care with feedback and suggestions.
Do Indian Ethnic wear require special laundry care ?
All our products are made for easy maintainance. We suggest Dry and Quick clean. Additional Efforts are not required.
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