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Gatha - Where a New Tale of Elegance Begins

Exquisite, vibrant, charming and delightful - ‘Gatha’ as a fashion brand is all of this and much more! Inspired by India's hues and verve, Gatha tells the tale of elegance stitch by stitch. Created in smooth indo ethnic styles, every item in every collection inspires you to wear the vibe of India.

Fashion world is possibly the most contested one, where preference and taste changes with time; style and colors evolve overnight. Although the only thing constant in the fashion world, is change. However, ethnicity remains the core factor in defining traditional and haute couture styles. The idea is to arrest the essence of modern style while remaining true to the rich Indian heritage. This is where Gatha creates a niche, writing a new chapter in Indian fashion wear and in the sartorial world.

Gatha has turned into a national brand on the strength of design, quality and pricing. The design studio creates the most popular pieces encompassing sherwanis, achkans, jodhpuris, churidar kurtas, jackets, stitched dhoti, stoles, mojri, short kurtas, shirts and more.

In a world where fashion plays the ultimate role in enhancing the sense of self, we seek to create an ethnic fashion line fusing style, design and silhouette that adapts to every lifestyle.

We preserve the rich heritage of India amidst our styles and stitches, fabrics and fashion. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted by in-house designers and masters of embroidery. Over the years Gatha has redefined fashion, set the trends and made a difference in the world of fashion wear. We pay homage to India’s supreme craftsmanship by recreating all the regional styles on fabrics like pure cotton, khadi, jamevar silk, brocade, tassar, linen and more.

Awards & Recognition

Gatha received the Best Boutique Award from the textile minister Govt. Of India, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain.

Our Retail Outlets

Gatha as a brand has a network of dealers nationwide. We also have our own exclusive outlets across Kolkata.

Gatha Promise

At Gatha you get the huge bouquet of only the finest fabrics sourced from across India.Gatha tells the tale of elegance, woven stitch by stitch. A tale that promises to become the best seller in a very short span of time. We encourage craftsmen to develop their arts while giving them the platform to showcase their skill and earn a livelihood. In turn, we preserve a very valuable part of our country's heritage.