Gatha Apparels - About Us Welcome Note


hank you for your keen interest in Gatha. Inspired by your support and patronage Gatha has grown continuously to become one of the most admired 'ethnofashion' brand in the country. We have received numerous awards and accolades from all quarters. This has only motivated us to serve you better.

Gatha was conceived as a tribute to the indigenous artistic expressions of Ethnic India. The delicate orchestration of the needle and thread complemented by luxurious celebration of colours, that assumes various at the hands of master craftsmen located throughout the country.
Ensuring fineness , right from the procurement of the silk cocoons , cotton seeds to weaving the last thread or the embroidery.

The products can be considered as a showcase of the most gifted craftsmanship in the country including works like aari , zardosi , minakari , Kashmiri et al.

It brings to us great delight to present you these fine products and offer you this fine experience.

Yours sincerely ,

Raj Kumar Dugar

Gatha Apparels Pvt Ltd